Saturday, August 20, 2011

Austrian Economics Forum Fall 2011 #0--Prequel

Well we are getting closer to that time of the year again, the Austrian economics reading group at NC State University!  Yes more readings in Austrian economics!  Who doesn't look forward to this?  (Crazy people, that's who.)

For the Fall semester, we have 6 scheduled meetings starting on 4:30pm September 2, 2011 at Nelson Hall, Rm 3220. 

The group, the Austrian Economics Forum, has decided to read and discuss Kirzner's classic Competition and Entrepreneurship.  It was first published in 1973, the year that Mises died, the year before Hayek won the Nobel Prize and the IHS conference in South Royalton, Vermont.  It has been a centerpiece of the Austrian revival of the the last 35+ years.

Since the book has 6 chapters and we have 6 meetings, we will do one chapter per meeting.  I welcome you to the discussion.  I will post, as best I can, a summary of the discussion and my thoughts as well.  If you want to continue the discussion or bring up new points from the readings, please post them here and I will encourage the members of the AEF to comment and reply. 

I am looking forward to this series of readings and to your comments.


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