Monday, April 9, 2012

The Joys of Homeschooling

This year, we have been homeschooling my six-year old son.  Next year will probably be different, but after today I might just rethink it all.

Yesterday was Easter and so the story from the Last Supper through the Resurrection has figured prominently at our house.  And so at lunch, the boy was thinking about Judas' betrayal.  He asked, "Was Judas a tax-collector?"  I said that he wasn't.  And then the boy said, "But I thought he was a thief." 

Just when one thought it couldn't get better...

We were returning home after spending some time at the park and eating hot dogs.  He started telling me about his next entrepreneurial venture.  He wants to have a restaurant and live above it.  He will have a garden (where he grows the food for the restaurant), a park, a baseball field, play equipment, a pool, etc.  To me, it sounded like a chateau on an estate.  Anyway, we stopped at a red light where a guy with a sign was asking for money.  My son asked why he wanted money.  I asked my son didn't he also want money.  As he thought about it, I asked him how he could earn money.  He told me that when he gets older he could cut grass, fix things, build cars, etc.  (He's fairly entrepreneurial.)  I agreed with him by saying that if he wants money, he must think of how he could serve other people.  I explained that work is making things more useful (better) for others.

He then asked if he could make his own money.  I told him that he could, although no one else would want it.  He thought for a moment and said, "What if I make it out of gold?"  [Nice!]  I explained that he could as long as it was novelty money and not legal money.  Only the government is allowed to make "legal" money.  He then said that was completely wrong and that everyone should be allowed to make their own money!  YES!  A laissez-faire monetary system!  From the mouths of six-year olds! 


Roy Cordato said...

Love it. This reminds me of when Stephanie was six and in a kindergarten before we started homeschooling. The teacher went around the class asking the kids what they would do if they were president. Steph said that she would abolish taxation.

Karen DeCoster said...

My 10-year-old nephew has Auntie Karen's genes. We were on Apple FaceTime on evening, and he was telling me that Moscato is his favorite wine. He tends to shy away from the dry reds. When I asked him about being a 10-year-old wine drinker (sipper, really), he replied, "I like having wine because I know that every time I drink wine, I am doing something that is illegal, and I can do it if my parents tell me I can."

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