Thursday, October 14, 2010

30-second Spots

Many of my students have approached me and have said something like, "Why don't you run for political office since you know all this stuff?"  (Usually, it is not said too sarcastically.)

My comment back is that I do not think there is any way to explain a complex economic topic in a 30-second commercial.  Nevertheless, I am curious about what could be condensed into a 30-second ad.  I am not thinking about political ads.  What I am most curious about is an economic ad.

I would like to ask for recommendations of ideas, topics, etc. that should be done.  Have you seen anything like on YouTube (or any other site) that achieves this goal?  Please send me the links.  If I find some good ones, I'll post them.


Drida Hyde said...

Here is a great video that is informational and entertaining with the various graphics it contains.

As far as topics, I think it would be great to discuss the various market forms, economies by social and political structure,and market failures.

I look forward to seeing the finished product(s). Your sense of humor with your knowledge of the subject matter should make a great video for the visual learners such as myself!

P F Cwik said...


It's great to get a comment from you!

I watched the video, but unfortunately it's over 2 minutes long! The video is on the Consumer Price Index, not too hard of a topic, but still that's 4-times the 30-second size.

Let's all keep looking. Or maybe you can creat one yourself!

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