Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Adding to the Blog

As I learn more about the capabilities of this tool, I will add to this site.  You may have noticed a few additions.  On the left-side, I have added links to the lectures I presented at FEE this past summer.  Clicking on a link will take you to the page with the audio and PowerPoint presentations.  Below that are links to the popular posts and down further is a listing of subjects that the posts cover.

On the right-side, I have added two pages.  The first is the Economic Distress Index.  If one clicks on it, you can either look at the entire graph from 1967 or just the last 14 years.  There are also links to the data.  There is also a link to an explanation of the index.

The second is a graph of yield curve inversions.  Again, you can look at the entire graph from 1953 or just look at the last 10 years.  Yield curve inversions are one of the best predictors of an on-coming recession.

My goal is to continue to improve this blog and post articles that tend to examine economic problems from an Austrian perspective. 

You are, as always, very welcome to post comments as you wish.


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