Friday, November 19, 2010

The Real Thanksgiving Story

The first Thanksgiving is not a story of dumb whites who came to the New World to conquer and spread disease amongst the idyllic, nature-loving natives.

It is, instead, a story of the triumph of Capitalism over Socialism.

There have been several retellings of the first Thanksgiving, I have linked to Richard Ebeling's recounting last year.  Thomas DiLorenzo writes an excellent account in the third chapter of his book, How Capitalism Saved America.

This year I found a nice YouTube version that does a good job.  It explains why private property rights saved the pilgrims and triumphed over the collectivist ideal.

I find Thanksgiving to be one of the best holidays for exactly that reason.

Since the posting of this video, I have found Reason.TV's version.  Very funny.


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